THE WORTHINGTON POST SAID WHAT?…A Heavy-Handed Ode to the Clitoris


Georgia OKeeffe

Georgia OKeeffe

The BlogHer 2015 Voice of the Year Award reception is being held at their conference in New York City this weekend. Aliza Worthington, myself, and 98 other people are lucky enough to be attending as honorees.

While Aliza’s winning piece is hilarious, it is important to note that she published it during National Clitoris Awareness Week. The week was created by the organization, Clitoraid which helps victims of female genital mutilation.

The Worthington Post

ode to clitoris aliza worthington

Puns and a limerick to celebrate a special week. Please enjoy!

Today, I’m so sad to see Clitoris Awareness Week COME to an end. But I’ve decided to show my reverence by trying my HAND at some poetry. Yes, I’m doing some of my CHEEKIEST work as I help people peek under the HOOD of this magical organ. Rather than simply pay it LIP service, I felt poetry would help me go DEEP into the subject matter. I chose limerick form, because, of course, it begins with “L” “I” and ends with “C” “K.” Not to brag, but one friend called me a “cliterary genius” while another said I was a “cunning linguist.” Enjoy.

But grab a tissue. It will be touching.

Ode to the Clitoris

by Aliza Worthington
B.A. and M.A. from Johns Hopkins University 1990

There once was a girl from the city
Who needed to write something…

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