Head shot

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At Red said what? I write what feels right.  At Who said what? others do the same.  Please look for a new post each month and feel free to chime in.

Why Red?

When I’m not a mother to Bubbe and The Skootch, navigating life as one half of an interfaith couple, writing KidLit and essays or teaching children, I train at a CrossFit gym.  My first coach has a tradition of nicknaming clients. My nickname is Red because when I trained with him, my hair was very much that color.

lucy van pelt picture number 2

I can’t help thinking that this would be a better world if everyone would listen to me – Lucy Van Pelt

She said what?

In high school, a friend gave me a Lucy Van Pelt poster for my graduation present. Lucy is sitting behind her lemonade-esque stand, handing out advice to anyone who would listen. What did I do with the poster? I saved it all through college and when I moved into my first apartment, had it professionally framed and hung in the bathroom.

Well, at least it was hanging in the right room.  Needless to say over twenty years ago, someone was trying to tell me I had strong opinions.

With that said, I have also been known to be direct. Sometimes my filter malfunctions, other times I do it to make a point. Sugar coating is not my style.  With a little life experience and maturity, I have learned how to be diplomatic and appropriate.  Still, this decorum goes against every grain in my body; especially when my gut is nudging me to shake things up.

Thus the genesis of Red said what? Sometimes my posts will be provocative, other times not so much.  I’ll do my best to limit the self-absorption and ridiculousness, but I can’t promise anything.