Putting Strength out there…

I Took A Break From My Blog To Make Room For These Young Voices

Courtesy: Lynda Shenkman

What Really Happens Inside A CrossFit Gym

Courtesy: A. Osinoff

Who My Son Saw at a CrossFit Competition

A Moment of Weakness

To The Domestic Violence Survivors: About Your Children


Feminist Rising


My Father’s Gift


Negative Norton And My Family’s Road To A Growth Mindset


Why CrossFit Is The Right Fit (Right Now) For My Tween

Photo cred: Lynda Shenkman Curtis

Photo cred: Lynda Shenkman Curtis

My ABCs of CrossFit

PTSD Awareness

To The Suffering Veteran

Courtesy: CrossFit

Courtesy: CrossFit

To The Young Lady Who No Repped Me During The CrossFit Open; Thank You

photo credit: Algerina Perna/Baltimore Sun

On Becoming an iPhone Addict

Avocado health picture - April 1 2015 option

Discomfort Revisited; To My Future Self (with a side of recipes)

Rejection image back to the future

8 Steps to Taking Rejection in the New Year

September 10th rainbow

Still Here…

Sharing resolutions and lesson learned from a personal experience with the hope that it might one day help someone.

A Great Hill



Yogi Berra or Jim Wohlford (depending upon the Google search)

Yogi Berra or Jim Wohlford (depending upon the Google search)

Learning to be an Athlete

The word Empower in magazine letters on a notice board

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse; This Survivor’s Synopsis

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