One, Lucky Granddaughter

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I wrote “One, Lucky Granddaughter” days after my grandmother’s death so I’d have her lessons all in one place. Thank you to Brain,Child Magazine for publishing a piece near and dear to my heart. Wonderful way to start 2015.

Red Said What?

Gram and me as a baby

As seen in Brain, Child Magazine

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Two weeks ago, I lost my grandmother to cancer.  The disease engulfed Dot’s body almost as quickly as she learned the diagnosis.

When the doctors assured she still had a few weeks, I returned home, gathered my notebook, and made big plans to capture my grandmother’s talkative mood.

My mind raced with possibility; perhaps, as Jewish tradition teaches, Dot could fulfill the 613thmitzvah and write a Torah, a personal 10 commandments thus sealing her life scroll or perhaps, as a member of her church’s quilting guild she could share patch ideas for a memory quilt.

But by the time I got back to my grandmother’s bedside, she was already in a final sleep.  Weeks whittled to hours.  Before sunrise, she was gone.

Dot’s death was beautiful; swift, pain free, and at home surrounded by loved ones.  Her last days, passing, and funeral…

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