A.PROMPTreply SAID WHAT?…Selective Hearing

October media

Guest bloggers put it out there:

A.PROMPTreply SAID WHAT?…Selective Hearing

Blogger buddy, A.PROMPTreply shares life lessons with her son, masterfully marrying words with photographs. I hope you’ll take a look. Here’s to autumn, to our loved ones, and to life!

4 thoughts on “A.PROMPTreply SAID WHAT?…Selective Hearing

  1. Hi, Red. Thanks so much for the reblog! I also neglected to mention that I did check out your foray into the world of being an expert on childrearing with your Minecraft post on Mamalode. Well done to you …I’m sure you’re on your way now! And thank you so much again for your support toward me!

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    • My pleasure and thank you for checking out my Minecraft essay on Mamalode! That was very sweet of you. I am far from an expert; just a mom at her wit’s end! All the best and thank you for letting me share such a lovely post!


      • I think that Minecraft post is going to resonate with a whole lot of mothers…..I know it certainly did for me! I am so sick of Minecraft I can’t even tell you.

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